About Us

The League is a non-partisan organization committed to opening the doors of government to all of Boston’s citizens. We strive for a representative system of government that is accountable, responsive, and supportive of citizen participation, with membership open to both men and women. Throughout each year, the League provides objective information on critical public policy issues and candidates seeking office, promotes voter service programs, and works to keep the public well-informed on government and social policy issues. Click here to view the League’s Consensus positions, which were upheld at the Annual Meeting, June 11, 2013. On October 13, 2006, Madhu Sridhar, President of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and the Secretary of the Commonwealth unveiled and signed the Massachusetts Voters’ Bill of Responsibilities. This document is a companion to the historic Massachusetts Voters’ Bill of Rights, drafted by the League in 2004. Citizens who know both their voting rights and responsibilities are ensured that they can vote unimpeded. Click here to view the Bill of Responsibilities and the Bill of Rights.